MMM ’17: Days 26-31

Well, I think it’s pretty clear I fell off the selfie train!  I did stick to my pledge, but became pretty bad at documenting it.  The previous week was super busy with preparations for a family party and my sister’s graduation, and on top of that I lost my blank white wall when my (other) sister moved back into her room for a bit.  Then the summer semester started and woweewow is it a doozy.  Five-week courses are understandably fast-paced, but I really failed to understand that I’d be grading labs and tests pretty much daily the entire time.  I’m two weeks in and already feeling the pain.  I imagine my stress also has to do with the fact that Ramadan has begun and I average about 4 hours of sleep a night now.  I’m gonna need a mental health day soon.


Anyway, enough whining from me!  Let’s talk about what I learned from my first wholehearted attempt at Me Made May.

  • I wore my Ginger jeans ALL THE TIME.  Jeans haven’t fit me this well since, um, maybe middle school?  Before I got hips?  Yeah I basically stopped wearing them after high school because the gaping waist and low rise were too uncomfortable.  I just love the custom fit of these handmade and high-waisted ones, though!
  • I prefer to balance volume on the top and bottom.  I feel uncomfortable when everything is fitted (like my Nettie dress I wore earlier in the month), and kind of sloppy and amorphous when I’m wearing something totally oversized.
  • I love colors and prints!  They seriously brighten my mood.  I remember a day in grad school when this girl in my lab was telling me a story about a drab friend of hers who wore gray every day and it made her (the story-teller) so sad (she was a bit superficial, now that I recall).  A little later I was in the bathroom and noticed that I had unintentionally dressed myself in THREE different shades of solid gray.  Not fifty, but still way too many! (Also makes me think that the story was directed at me personally???!!)
  • Posing for photos and taking selfies is really hard.  Duh.
  • I’m a recluse.  I rarely leave the house if I don’t have to.  I need more pretty at-home clothes so I don’t feel like a slob.
  • The tops I enjoyed wearing most often were fitted knits and looser button-downs.  The buttons downs are kind of a revelation.  I’m sorting through my stash for more of these types of shirt patterns to make up now that I know what I like.
  • I hate polyester.  Most of my work blouses are polyester and they’re terrible and static-clingy.  I want more natural fibers in my wardrobe.
All of my revelations in one outfit: Gingers, button down, natural fibers, balanced volume, comfortably casual, awkward pose.  There’s also little colorful specks in the weave of the chambray that you can’t see from afar.  Bonus natural face bc I had just driven 5 hours to NYC at the crack of dawn.

Since I have minimal sewing time for the next three weeks (until the class is over), I’ll spend some of my free time working through The Curated Closet and planning for projects to make during my break. Correspondence here might be patchy for a while, but I’ve still got a backlog of handmades waiting to be blogged.

How’d you all do with your pledges?  Or did you enjoy watching others make selfie-fools out of themselves?


MMM ’17: Days 12-18

We’re more than halfway there!  TL;DR: I lived in my Ginger jeans this week.

Day twelve:

Here are my Ginger jeans again, paired with a Papercut Coppelia cardigan.  I think I wore this top to death right after I made it, and then barely touched it all last winter.  I do like it, though, and think I’ll make this pattern again soon.  I raised the neckline a tad so that I could wear it comfortably without a layer underneath, but it still gapes open (as faux-wraps tend to do).  Here, it’s safety pinned in place, but I think I’ll go back and just stitch the overlap down.  I also might shorten my next version just a little so it’s easier to wear with all of my high waisted pants and skirts.

Day thirteen:

I went out to dinner in the city with some friends I hadn’t seen in a long time.  It was cold and rainy, though, so I opted for comfort.  This is a McCall’s blouse pattern (M7436) that I made last year in a poly crepe from Mood.  It’s a seriously fun print, and I don’t even care that some of the design details get lost in it.  I think the reason I don’t wear it a lot is because I don’t have many bottoms to pair it with.  My trusty Gingers will have to do for now!

Day fourteen:


Happy Mother’s Day!  No outfit pictures because I was just being lazy around the house in my Ginger jeans (seriously, I need to get started on another pair!).  In MMMay-related news, I finally got my hands on The Curated Closet. I’d heard a lot of good things, but I really appreciated Kamila’s thoughtful review.  I’m excited to see if it helps me narrow down my style.  I struggle a lot with minimalism and hate the idea of having a wardrobe of neutral “essentials.”  At the same time, I know I need pieces that coordinate and fit my lifestyle.  CONUNDRUM.

Day fifteen:


You know how you sometimes get dressed to work out so that it hopefully forces you to do it?  Yeah, that’s how I often dress when I get home.  Sometimes it works!  Today I wore my favorite Jalie leggings (pattern is called Cora).  I love that they are very high waisted and that they have a crotch gusset.  All of my RTW workout leggings have a gusset, but only Jalie patterns include it in their design (at least out of all the patterns I’ve seen).  I really should make more of these, since I have a ton of athletic lycra just hanging around.

Days sixteen and seventeen:

No photos at all!  This is what happens when you are on a break from work without actually being on vacation.  I did wear my Ginger jeans for most of these days (no surprise there), so I technically stuck to my goal.  I’ll try to get out of my funk and do a better job of wearing different garments from here on out.

Day eighteen:


Well, I got dressed!  It’s my gingham Archer again, plus a RTW skirt.  I bought this skirt on a whim about 3 years ago, and it’s been a summer staple ever since.  I’ve realized that I don’t care for the straight cut of the skirt as much as I do the print and colors.  And that pretty much sums up what I’ve learned so far this month: I like bold prints, bright colors, tops with a bit of shape to them, and bottoms that are either fitted or flare at the hip.

I’ve been slowly working on some sewing projects, but for some reason I’m feeling uninspired again.  The good news is that I’ve also been uninterested in buying new fabric, so I’m not compensating with retail therapy.  Anyone have tips for sewing when it feels like it’s 90 degrees in your room?