MMM ’17: Days 5-11

Here we go again!  You’ll have to excuse my rambling, but I think this diary entry style is helpful for gathering my thoughts.

Day five:

To be perfectly honest, I was in my pajamas (not me-made) for most of the day.  Finals week had just ended, it was rainy and gloomy, and I just felt really mopey.  Towards the evening I finally tried to get myself out of my funk by getting dressed.  Since there’s about 2 weeks until the summer semester starts, I thought that I’d try on and evaluate some of my more neglected handmade garments.

This is a Nettie dress from Closet Case Patterns, made in a crazy awesome ponte.  I loved this dress when I made it, but have never worn it out of the house.  I think part of it is that I get too self conscious in a dress that’s tight everywhere AND rather short.  It also doesn’t really fit my lifestyle, as I can’t think of an occasion in which I’d wear it.  It’s not dressy enough for a fancy party and not casual enough for just hanging out (for me, at least).  I do like the scoop back, though, so I might try chopping it up into a top.

Day six:

I went to a baby’s first birthday party this day.  See?  I do get out sometimes.  I wore my off-white ponte Sewaholic Fraser sweatshirt again (my first repeat garment).  I actually made the top specifically to wear with these pants, which are the Winslow culottes by Helen’s Closet.  I’ve got nothing but love for these palazzo pants.  I get compliments on them every time I wear them AND they’re super comfortable.  I really should make more, since they’re also a fast make.  No slowpoke excuses for this pattern!

Day seven:

Wore my New Look 6471 top and repeated my Rosari skirt.  Denim is very comfortable and very versatile.  Who knew, right?  I love this top because 1) it has a bow neck 2) the print is fun and 3) the rayon challis is so soft and flowy.  I don’t like that it is so shapeless.  So my conclusion is that I need more denim pieces in my wardrobe, as well as flowy bow-neck blouses in good prints that are slightly more fitted. (Head cropped for bad hair :o)

Day eight:

And yet another Fraser sweatshirt.  You’ll probably see all of them this month!  This one is made out of a utility mesh fabric, with black ribbing for the bands and cuffs.  If you remember, I had a bit of a dilemma when I first made it.  Since then I’ve tried styling it several different ways, and actually find it quite wearable.  Here, I’ve worn it with my gray and black Hudson pants (pattern by True Bias).  These pants are super comfy and I wear them a lot.  I should probably make some more, since attractive lounge pants are apparently in high demand in my life.

Day nine:

I wore my gingham Archer again, with my coral pink Simplicity S1017 pants.  I love these pants.  They make me happy.  And I’m obviously a BIG fan of wide-leg pants.  I actually bought some black linen to make the cropped version.  I’m hoping to iron out the back fit before I cut into it, though.

Day ten:

My lemons dress!  (Blogged here, so I won’t bore you with the details again.)  Since I’m not allowed any outfit repeats, I’m trying to save my RTW pants for when work starts up again.  That’s why I got dressed up for a shopping trip.  Although I may have worn this dress prematurely, as I just realized that I have a dinner, graduation and family party coming up in the next couple weeks.  Ah well, I guess I’ll just have to get creative and dive into the depths of my closet.  Or I could just make another one!

Day eleven:


I was doing housework all day long, so it was just sweats for me.  This is my fourth Fraser sweatshirt with some matching sweatpants from a McCall’s pattern that I can’t remember now.  My comfy knit loungewear always gets worn a ton.  These are quite warm (made in a fairly thick French terry), so they’ll get put away once summer hits.  I’ll have to evaluate my lightweight lounge wear when it gets hot.


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