MMM ’17: Days 1 – 4

Woweewow I made it through the first four days!  This is finals week, so I’ve had a bunch of testing and grading to do, and a lot of anxious students to calm.  *SIGH* I really love teaching, but finals time always makes me want to cry.  Sometimes I still get the nightmare I had all throughout college and grad school where I suddenly realize at the end of the semester that I hadn’t been attending a class I was enrolled in THE WHOLE TIME and then have to take the final.  It’s always a math class.  It just goes to show that you can take the student out of the . . . wait, no . . . you can take the girl out of the school . . . hmmm . . . I think I need some coffee and a nap.  Preferably not in that order.

I decided to do a round up post every Friday (kinda sticking to my unintentional blogging schedule), so here’s what I wore so far this week.

Day one:

And right out of the gate, I’ve got an outfit I had never put together before!  Haha this wasn’t too hard since it’s just two black and white pieces, but it’s progress!

The top is a Sewaholic Fraser sweatshirt made in black and white ponte from Fabric Mart.  I really like this top (knit tops that are both cute and comfortable are the best), but I hardly ever wear it because I cropped it just a little too short to wear with any of my pants.  The labs I teach have a strict dress code, so I wear pants most days.  I’ll see if I have enough skirts to wear it with this month.  If not, I’ll consider putting a longer hem band on it.

The skirt is the same one I blogged about here.  It was so simple to make, albeit a bit time consuming matching all those pleats, but I love it.  This one gets a lot of wear during the warmer months.

Day two:

Another newish combination: a RTW top and a Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt that I made a few years back.  I say “newish” because it’s kinda boring, so I can’t even remember if I’ve worn it before.  I love this pattern, and wear this skirt quite often, but the fabric I used (mystery dark green crepe – maybe rayon/viscose? – that I got from an aunt who was destashing) is not my favorite.  It drapes well, but it pills and wrinkles like crazy.  Also, there’s nothing super interesting about it apart from the little button tabs.  I’m plotting another one in some fabric that I like.

Day three:

I’ve worn this combo many many times.  It’s my Grainline Studio Archer shirt (made in a super soft gingham print rayon challis that was a pain to sew) and my Closet Case Patterns Ginger jeans (made at the workshop I took at Stitch Sew Shop).  I never knew jeans could fit me so well until I put these on.  I like these two items a lot.  Probably the main reason I haven’t made more is because they’re both time-consuming makes, and I’m already really slow.  This is something I think I need to get over if I want a wardrobe full of things I love.

Day four:

This is my denim Rosari skirt from Pauline Alice. I blogged about another version here.  I really thought that I had thrown this out when I did my spring cleaning purge last year, but it survived!  If I remember correctly, I wasn’t super happy with the fit (although it seems fine now) and my topstitching (also fine).  I like the look of button-down skirts, so I might make another version in something drapey (maybe with the cargo pockets).  The top is another Sewaholic Fraser sweatshirt.  This one is also short, but that’s on purpose because I left off the hem band so I could tuck it into things without too much bulk.

If nothing else, at least Me Made May has forced me to get more comfortable in front of the camera.  My posture has also gotten a little better as I’ve realized that my clothes look terrible when I’m hunched over like normal!  Anyone else have the same epiphany?


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