MMM ’17: Wardrobe Roulette

Friends, I have a confession to make.  I’m a lazy dresser.  Yes, it’s true.  Even though I spend SO MUCH TIME making a lot of the items that go into my wardrobe, I don’t spend nearly as much time putting together outfits, let alone outfits that are seasonally appropriate.  Seriously, I still don’t own a proper winter coat and have been making do with sweaters + jackets for a couple years now.  I also tend to wear the same outfits on repeat all year-round.  Lazy, I tell you!


So when I started thinking about my pledge for Me Made May, I knew that setting a goal for wearing a certain number of handmade items per day or per week wouldn’t really be a challenge.  For me, the real challenge would be in figuring out HOW to wear the stuff I make.  Wearing them well is another story, but we’ll cross that bridge if and when we get to it.

Without any further ado, my pledge is to wear at least one handmade item each day AND to style my outfits differently each day.  While repeat items are allowed, they can’t be worn the same way twice.  This will hopefully get me to not only wear garments that have been long-ignored or lost their luster, but to also think hard about the kinds of clothes I like to wear.

Outfits will be documented photographically.  Yes, that means selfies.  I know most people hate them, myself included, but last year I noticed that it was really easy to skip a day (or twenty) if I didn’t have to prove it.  Not sure yet if I’ll instagram daily or just do a round up here.  Maybe both if I’m feeling sufficiently good about myself.  A homebody like me can’t let a good outfit go to waste.  (Joking! Or am I? Hmmmmm)


One thing clearly missing from this pledge is any sort of commitment to sewing up my stash.  Oh yes, I learned that lesson last year.

I’m interested to hear everyone else’s goals for this month!  Have you pledged? Any tips on getting the perfect selfie?



10 thoughts on “MMM ’17: Wardrobe Roulette

  1. Instagram daily, instagram daily! I LOVE seeing people’s MMM selfies (or should we call them oufitelfies?). On the other hand, the idea of committing to taking ones of myself for 31 days sounds like too much work so I skip the whole fun every year 😦

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    • Haha outfitelfies sounds way less narcissistic, so let’s go with that! I also love observing MMM from afar, but you should try it with me! I promise I won’t judge you for giving up halfway through because I’m not even sure I’ll make it that far. But I just bought a tripod so I guess I’m kinda committed!! 😮


  2. Like you I’m not a fan of the selfie, and I suck at them! I attempted MMM16 but found the accountability annoying. I pretty much always wear something MM every day, but do enjoy reading about other people’s MMM and seeing their outfits.

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    • Yes, they’re so awkward, aren’t they?! Plus it usually takes forever to get a decent shot! That’s great that you get good wear out of your me-mades. I feel like I have enough to wear something handmade everyday at this point, but I just don’t rotate my wardrobe often enough. Hopefully this will force me to wear some of the neglected pieces, or just figure out why I don’t reach for them.

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  3. I did MMM for several years when it was a challenge (before my wardrobe became 80-90% me made) and I had more time, but I’ve bailed the last several years. It would be fun to do with a focus on style, though, or a no-repeats rule. Just not sure if I’m up for it. It would definitely be bathroom selfies all the way though. 😂


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