Scheduling Creativity

I’ve been in a rut recently.  I haven’t touched my sewing machine in almost a month.  Judging by the last time I posted on this blog, though, it probably seems like it’s been more than half a year.  What can I say?  Instagram just fits in better with my social media laziness.  While I’d like to be able to blame my lost groove on the universe, I really don’t want to wait another 3 weeks to get it back.


The last time I went this long without sewing, I was down with a really bad flu/bronchitis.  I also went on a short vacation in the middle, which did not help at all with the recovery.  This time, though, I’m struggling to figure out a particular reason for my funk.  I know it started right before my yearly work evaluation, which always raises my anxiety a bit.  But that was weeks ago, and went really well.

Work itself has been only mildly busier than usual, since we are nearing the end of the semester and there is a lot of grading to do and many stressed students to calm.  Still, it’s been enough to warrant skipping the gym a few nights a week to catch up.

My home life has gone through some changes recently, I’ll admit.  I’ve been living with my parents in the ‘burbs since I finished grad school, and it’s been a nice, albeit very quiet life.  Then, earlier this year, my sister and her family moved in as they have sold their house and are still searching for a new one.  Things have been a little crazy with a 5-year-old and, now, a newborn in the house.  Quiet life no more.

Also, I got a zit this week.  And my crush doesn’t know I exist.  And I’m on my period . . . . oh, too much information?  This is not my personal teenage diary?  My bad, sometimes I get carried away talking to myself.

So I think the conclusion I’ve come to is that I’ve lost my routine and I need at least some of it back.  I need it so bad that I’m willing to write it into my planner like an appointment.  This is a little weird for me to think about: scheduling creative time.  Normally I think of sewing as the one thing I DON’T have to plan.  Like, I think one morning (or, honestly, more like 11pm) “I want a pink bra” and BOOM! – several hours later – I have a peach bra.  Hey, I can’t always have pink stretch lace ready at a moment’s notice.  Make do and mend and all that.

My hope is that by setting my goals pretty low to start, I can gradually get the creative juices flowing and work back up to actually making things.  For example, today I set aside some time to iron one piece of fabric and write this blog post.

This is the fabric I ironed: C+S/Rifle Paper Co. Rayon for a Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt.

I’m not promising there will be more posts here on out, but I’m going to try to get better at documenting my progress.  That will be part of my new routine.  I’ve even pulled out my old sewing journal to take notes as I work on projects.  I feel like I forget so much, and I like having an archive of my sewing life.  Okay but what other life do I have, really?


2 thoughts on “Scheduling Creativity

  1. Coming back to a routine is a good idea. Keeping that routine easy, an even better one 🙂 This is the first time I’m commenting but definitely not the first time reading your blog, and I really look forward to your new posts!


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