Fall Sewing Plans

If you are like me, fall is your favorite season and you look forward to relief from the burning summer sun.  If you are not like me, you are probably sobbing over the realization that summer will be ending soon (-ish, don’t freak out, you have some time!).  Either way, changing seasons means something we can all agree is fun: new sewing plans!

Visual proof of my love for fall.  Wearing a pre-blog Grainline Archer.

All of the realizations that I came to this spring/summer (discussed in a previous post) have taught me that if I really want a handmade wardrobe, I have to take a more pragmatic approach to my sewing.  Yes, I will eventually need to go to a party, but do I need to be making a new cocktail dress every month?  Nope.  The honest truth is that I need blouses and trousers, and maybe some pencil skirts and blazers.

I also need to be able to mix and match all of the pieces that I make.  This is the hard part that I usually avoid by sticking to neutrals.  What makes it depressing is that I really love color!  I have a purple blouse that I made, and absolutely adore, but it never gets worn because I have NOTHING to wear with it.  This sounds ridiculous if you have seen my closet, but it is true.  Rhyme? Reason?  My wardrobe has neither.

SO, with all of this in mind, I’ve slowly been gathering fabric and patterns that will work together to make a cohesive fall capsule wardrobe.  I started with a color palette first: mustard yellow, rusty orange, baby blue and dark green are the main players.  I’ve also picked cream/beige, navy, and black as my neutrals.  Incidentally, these fall nicely in line with the Pantone colors of the season.  Not too surprising, though, as they are pretty much just autumn colors.

I also wanted to incorporate a variety prints and textures.  My only rule here was to stick to geometric and abstract designs (okay, there’s ONE floral, but I already had it in my stash and the colors work).  There’s ponte, plaid flannel, a quilted knit, crepe, satin, gorgeous boucle, twill – everything my little ol’ heart desires!  Some have been lingering in my stash for a while, and others were specifically purchased to coordinate with the existing pieces.

Here are some of my picks:



I’ve picked out most of the patterns I’m going to use, so, barring any game-changers being released in the next few weeks, I’m ready to go!  Guys, I’m SO EXCITED!  I know this again seems like a lot of work, but it’s early and I tend to be optimistic about my sewing abilities (and speed).  Also, I can totally imagine wearing the different pieces together to work.  That has NEVER happened.


How about you all?  Ready to start sewing for the new season, or still trying to soak up the last few rays of summer?



4 thoughts on “Fall Sewing Plans

  1. I love all your colours! That green/navy/peach(?) abstract print is fantastic. I feel like I just got started sewing for summer, and it’s been rudely snatched away from me (even though I don’t love the heat!) Fall sewing will consist of black and blue for me this year, I think, I will have to enjoy colour vicariously through others, as I am being very practical. Excited to see what you come up with!


    • I know what you mean, I’ve been feeling like I missed out on sewing all the light and airy caftans and maxi dresses this summer. One day I’ll plan a proper tropical getaway and make the wardrobe for it (a girl can dream)! Practical can be fun too! I’m also trying to build up some basics – like some black and navy knit pencil skirts to mix and match with some of the crazy prints I’ve got planned.


  2. You are so organized! I love the way you’ve stacked your fabrics that will go together but it’s your board that really intrigues me! Bits of fabric with labels of what you’ll make with them. I really REALLY wish I could be so organized. I go into a state of “I need some blouses” and off I go looking for the types of blouses I like, patterns and then I think of what fabric and away I go. After my second blouse finally done I’m sick of blouses (since I always make muslins too!) and now that fall is I realize I need more sweaters…but you have organized into outfits and a whole wardrobe. Brilliant. Your fabrics look gorgeous too – I bet you’re excited! 🙂


    • haha thanks! The scenario you described is how I usually sew too, except I’d probably get bored while making the second blouse and not finish it! I’m really hoping that getting things organized into coordinating outfits helps keep the mojo up so that if I do get bored with one project (which will likely happen), I’ll just switch to something else in the same “collection” instead of reaching for a sparkly cocktail dress (my guilty pleasure).


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