Spring Hoarding

Isn’t it amazing how quickly you can accumulate stuff?  I spent last weekend overhauling my fabric and notions.  I remember when I first started sewing I would go all heart-eyed when people shared pictures of their huge stashes.  I never imagined that my grocery bag stash would grow into three 18-gallon bins (and a couple shelves).

While I didn’t throw anything out (see title), I did organize it.  Until now, new acquisitions were either washed and cut immediately or thrown into the bin with the most space available at the time.  No method, just madness. Now they are all organized by type and occasion, so I will know generally where to look to find any piece I need.  It’s still not pretty.

Naturally, tidying up involved swearing up and down that I was not going to buy any more sewing stuff until I sewed through my stash.  After which I promptly ordered three new patterns and 2 yards of fabric.  Hey, cleaning is stressful.  My new oath is: no more new bra sewing stuff until I sew through my stash.  Set your standards low and you will never be disappointed, right?

I now present to you the fruits of my first stash-busting project: a Pin Up Girls Classic Bra and a pair of Make Bra hipster undies.  Even though I only used a third of a yard of fabric for this set, I did get through a fair bit of the elastic stash.  That totally counts.


The notions are all from Sew Sassy, and the fabric was originally a white nylon mesh from Fabric Mart.  I dyed both the mesh and the notions with Rit dye in “pearl grey.”  I know now to expect varying shades for each of the different pieces – some of them are way more poly than nylon.  I was a bit surprised at the color of the mesh, though.  It looks more blue than gray, but I still really like it!



I’ve made this pattern before, but I kept making a 34C (based on RTW bras I own) and it was too small no matter how much I altered it.  I decided to size up to a 36D and the fit is much better right away!  It will need a few changes, though: the straps are a little too long and the band fits only on the smallest hook.  Other than that, the bridge fits great and the underwires haven’t bothered me yet.


The cups fit pretty well, too.  I was worried that the mesh was too stretchy, so I lined the whole thing in a beige tricot.  I usually don’t care about the guts, but this looks so neat inside!  The lining and mesh pieces are all joined at the topstitching.  Looking back now, I’m realizing I probably should have had the stretch of the lining pieces going in the opposite direction (for the cups).  They’re not super supportive, but they’re okay.  The underwires definitely help.


The lining of my bra was inspired by Erin’s latest post.  Have you seen her #BRAAWEEK challenge?  I’ve been following Erin’s posts about bra making for a LONG TIME.  Like, before I ever bought any supplies and made my first bra.  She’s super talented and I always learn something new.  After taking my personal oath to sew through my bra making stash, I’ve given this bra-a-week thing some thought.  It’s time to join in, I think!  Since I’ve got the basic bra sewing techniques down now, I’d like to use this challenge to focus on getting a great fit.  Not sure it’ll be weekly, but monthly at the very least!





9 thoughts on “Spring Hoarding

  1. Love how your bra turned out! I really need to try my hand at dying so I can get nice coordinating elastic and findings in something other than black or white.


  2. You are a brave. The bra is tricky product. Where are you buy fabric and elastic tape? In Rassia I can’i buy it even the Internet.


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