Black and Blue

Well, it seems that I am quite taken with this ’70s fashion revival.  I think it’s partially because it reminds me a little of my childhood in the ’90s, when flared jeans, platform shoes and crochet tops were also very in.  I’ve heard it all my life, but I guess I’m finally old enough now to notice how cyclical fashion actually is.  Great, now I’m never throwing anything out!

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It’s no surprise then, that I was immediately drawn to the Rosarí skirt pattern by Pauline Alice.  I’ve seen a few other versions of the A-line button down skirt, but I just loved all of the different pocket variations on this one.  Super versatile!

The version I made here is a mini skirt using pocket D (zippers!) in a lovely blue wool crepe.  I picked this up on a trip to Philadelphia about 2 years ago.  I showed up at Fabric Row on a Sunday and only one shop was open (Fleishman’s maybe?).  I also had no idea what wool crepe was.  I just touched it and fell in love.  I bought two yards and immediately used one to make a Charlotte skirt.  I still wear that skirt, but it was one of the very first garments I made for myself and as such is very poorly stitched.  I’m glad I saved the rest for future, more experienced me.

You may have heard this before, but working with wool crepe is a dream.  It sews and presses beautifully, and is squishy and soft and does whatever you tell it to!  OHHHH wool, how I love you so!  I want to buy it in every color and make an entire winter work wardrobe out of it.

Okay, enough gushing.  Now for the serious stuff: fit.  This is actually my second iteration of this pattern.  I made the knee-length version in a medium weight denim first.  I cut the 48 based on my measurements at the time, and ended up taking it in a little before attaching the waistband.  It was still a little big, so before cutting my second, I altered the back pattern piece by taking 1/4″ off the CB and trimming to a smaller size at the side seam (basically cut the 46 instead of the 48).  On top of this, I ended up taking in all of the seams by 1/4″ while sewing.  I think it fits pretty well now.  The waistband isn’t too stiff, so I like how snug it is at the waist.

The only other adjustment I made was adding 2″ to the mini length (just in case – mini skirts kind of scare me).


The zippers are actually jean zippers.  The pattern calls for 6″ zips, but I was unable to find any locally.  I bought some 5″ zips, and made a mental note to make the zipper opening smaller before I cut.  Yeah I forgot.  7″ jean zippers to the rescue!

Because I was on a roll, I immediately completed the outfit by whipping up a basic black Nettie bodysuit in a lovely soft modal/lycra knit.  It’s so comfy (and opaque), and I love that I don’t have to worry about tucking anything in.  Not much else to say about this: I raised the depth of the scoop neck by about 1″ (wow, I’m more conservative than I thought) and added cuff bands in order to avoid using the twin needle.  A little more cutting, a lot less re-threading.

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This outfit was also part of my travel wardrobe for my trip to Sacramento at the beginning of February.  I wrote about a few other pieces here.  I’m still putting together a post about the dress I made for the wedding I attended.  Watch this space!



5 thoughts on “Black and Blue

  1. Nice skirt. I love it and good job with the pockets. I have yet to dare to try zipper pockets. I may have to check this pattern out too since I had a skirt similar to this in the 90s and loved it. Totally agree about never throwing anything out again! Trouble is I am now running out of storage space since I seem to have been collecting for about 5 years now!


    • Thank you! It was my first time with zipper pockets, and they were surprisingly easy. The hardest part was maneuvering it around the presser foot! Hah! I feel like it’s especially hard for makers/crafters to throw things out – you can think of so many potential uses!


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