Feeling Slick

I haven’t really felt like sewing much recently, so instead I took some time to take photos and write up some posts about a few older projects.

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This dress is Vogue 9076, and it was completed sometime last November.  I know this because it featured heavily in the first week of my posts during #bpSewvember.  Which reminds me, is anyone taking part in #MIYMarch?  It feels like there’s a new sewing challenge every other day, but I welcome it.  I don’t have any local sewing buddies, so the online community is really all I have!  (Also: thanks for stopping by!)

I’m terrible at taking notes while I sew, so I am actually relying on Instagram to guide me through this review.  What sticks out the most to me is HOW LONG this took to make.  It felt like forever, and in reality it was about a month start to finish.  I originally wanted to wear it to a bridal shower, and when that deadline passed, I just worked on it a little bit here and there.  This worked out well since there were so many little details.  You can see in the pattern drawing that there are quite a few fiddly bits: a stand collar with ties, shoulder yokes that become button bands at the CF, waist yokes, and lots and lots of gathering.  It kind of sucks that you can’t really see a lot of the details because of the busy print.

Vogue 9076

I cut the size 14 (based on my upper bust measurement), grading to a 16 at the waist and hip (based on my waist measurement).  I figured the bust would be pretty loose due to all of the gathering above and below, so I skipped any sort of adjustment in that area.  In fact, I didn’t make any adjustments to the pattern before cutting out my fabric.  I tend to make adjustments on the fly.

Well, it was actually kind of impossible to make adjustments on the fly.  I realized AFTER I had attached all of the yokes and facings to my bodice that it was too wide at the waist.  I don’t know what I’m doing wrong here – not measuring myself correctly or just losing weight mid-sewing.  I keep making garments that are way too big and need to be taken in while I’m assembling them.  Anyway, I did not feel like ripping apart the facing on this fabric that already liked to fray, so it stays a bit wide at the waist.  Oh well.

My fabric is a poly chiffon from Fabric Mart.  It was described as an abstract animal print, and I can kind of see it.  Personally, it reminds me of an oil slick.  I was drawn to the colors – shades of blue, green, and rusty orange.  It also has shiny silver threads running through it.  I found the buttons while browsing at a JoAnn after work one day.  They’re kind of mesmerizing!  I think they compliment the fabric nicely.

The pattern has you make button loops using cord.  This part was a real pain.  The cord I used was a silver elastic, and it kept slipping around when I tried to baste it in place.  I re-did the loops twice: the first to make them smaller, and the second because the stitches didn’t actually hold.  I had already trimmed all the seam allowances and totally finished the bodice frame when all of the loops slipped out of the button band with just a little tug.  ARGHHHHH!  All is well, though.  I stitched them on again (using a shorter stitch length and a lot of back tacking) to the back of the button band, with a strip of ribbon to hide the mess.  You can see this in one of the photos above.

I finished the skirt with a rolled hem done on my serger.  I’ve done this before with better success.  I think the key is testing on scraps to get the tension just right.  Mine was a little tight in places and pulled on the fabric.

You can probably tell that the fabric is sheer.  I didn’t line it, but don’t worry, I’m wearing it with a slip.  I think that the heavy, dark print obscures most things, anyway.

I’ve worn this dress a few times, and I think I do like it.  I’m just not sure if I’d want to make it again.  I’d want to do a few fitting adjustments at the waist and shoulders, and all those pieces (with facings!) scare me.  Maybe if I work up the courage one day . . .


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