Unrealistic Expectations


This dress was supposed to be worn on Eid al Fitr, which fell on July 17 this year.  Yeah, that didn’t happen.  I waited until the last minute, and even then I totally thought that I could have it cut out and sewn together in 36 hours AND go to work for 8 of those hours.  I’m a really slow sewer, guys.  It took me like 3 hours to hem that cascade skirt.


First, I agonized over the cutting layout because I REALLY wanted a maxi length, but the pieces were just not fitting on the length of fabric I had.  Then my wise older sister suggested I narrow the sweep of the skirt, and the problem was solved!  What would I do without her?

After that, it was pretty much smooth, albeit slow, sailing.  I missed my deadline by a week.  The truly sad part is that I finally finished it, but I have nowhere fancy to go.  Anyone want to invite me to a party?  I make a mean pad thai.


Alright, enough self-pity – time for the deets!  Obvious to some of you, this is another Sewaholic Yaletown dress.  After I made the first, I couldn’t wait to get started on another!  It was sewn up almost exactly like the first, with the only changes being that I lengthened the skirt, added a half lining to the skirt (didn’t want any clinging), and used normal turned hems instead of rolled hems.  Oh and I made the belt!  I serged all the seams.



My highly opinionated family insists that the dress is too big on me, but I still really like the blousey fullness of it.  I think I gravitate toward looser silhouettes in the warmer months – it keeps me cool without being uncomfortable or showing too much skin.


The fabric is a lovely floral rayon challis from fabric.com, and I am fully admitting to buying it after seeing others using it.  I don’t normally do that (not a snob, just broke), but the price was good and Amazon sent me a coupon.  Fate?  Destiny?  Kismet?  No, probably just really good customer profiling.  I have a ton of sewing notions saved in my cart just in case.  They were bound to catch onto my interests.

These pictures were all taken by my amazingly talented photographer sister (actually she has taken all of the photos on my blog so far).  It was her idea to go to our downtown area and get some shots with nice backgrounds.  Enjoy this while it lasts – when she starts work again I may have to rely on a blank wall and a self timer!



Man, is it really the end of August?  I obviously didn’t hit all of the projects I had planned on earlier this summer.  I know I’m careful and still learning, but I think what also contributes to my slow pace is that I am afraid of ruining pretty fabrics.  Indecision about patterns, fitting, and even seam finishes (I’m looking at you, silk chiffon) stops me in my tracks.  I really need to get over that fear, and I think the last few projects I have done have helped with that.  I hope to share those and a few other summer items before the warm weather runs out, so stay tuned!



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