A fluttery Yaletown dress


It’s my first completed garment post!  After getting a little side-tracked working on a sad pajama set last weekend (turrrrrrible cheap fabric and tons of fitting issues), I switched gears and got started on one of the dresses on my summer to-do list.  Hmmm, maybe this checklist thing is working?


Meet my Sewaholic Yaletown dress!  Guys, I’m in loooooove!  After struggling with my last project I wanted a quick and easy make, so I decided to skip the muslin and just go for it.  I figured this wrap-bodice, elastic-waist silhouette would be pretty forgiving, and it was!  I sewed up the size 12 without adjustments, and it fits pretty well!  The only thing I think I might change in the future would be to shorten the bodice a bit.  I do like how blousey it is right now (although I think others complained about this).

The simple pattern is a great fit for this gorgeous fabric I’d been saving for a few months.  Butterflies and flowers!  As I mentioned in my last post, it’s a poly satin I picked up in the sale pile at G Street Fabrics.  It was a 2-yard cut, so I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to make this dress fit.  The pattern calls for 4 yards of 60″ wide fabric for the dress version.  After looking at a bunch of reviews, though, I realized others had made it work.  I took my sweet time tracing and cutting – three days, to be exact – but it was worth it.  I fit all of the pieces, minus the pockets (which I’d probably have left off anyway on this thin fabric) and the belt.  I had to cut the sleeves upside down, but the bigger butterfly is upside down, so I don’t think it’s that noticeable.


woot woot: remembered to get a back shot!
woot woot: remembered to get a back shot!

I might try to find some coordinating fabric for the belt, but for now I think it works with some of my own belts or simply without.

This fabric actually wasn’t too bad to sew!  I followed a lot of great tips from other bloggers: cut on a single layer, use a short stitch length, sew matching seams in the same direction, etc.  I realized after sewing the bodice side seams that my serger was making my seams pucker – this was an easy fix, as I just needed to adjust the differential feed.

DSC_0181 DSC_0186

The one part I feared was hemming this flimsy fabric that also did NOT want to hold a crease.  Actually, my dread was enough to get me to pull out the manual and figure out how to do a rolled hem on the serger.  It turns out it’s very easy!  There are a few adjustments to make and a little bit of fiddling with the looper tensions, but otherwise it’s super simple.  I had the sleeves and skirt hemmed in mere minutes.  This is partly why the skirt is so long.  The other reason is that my legs are short.  I like this sort of tea-length, though.

Lastly, props to my sister for taking me out to nearby parks, snapping/editing pics with her fancy camera, and making me look good.  Now to get started on her swim shirt . . .

How’s your summer sewing going?  Are you sticking to your plans?


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